Once upon a time,
there was a bright-eyed, two-year-old girl named Jenn who got scolded for drawing on the wall of her aunt's condo in SoCal. Ever since then, she's never been able to put her pencil down. Inspired by the characters she saw in comics, movies, and books, she became transfixed by all things fictional and drawn. After years of drawing traditionally, she began painstakingly teaching herself to draw digitally in 2007, and upon graduating high school she went on to become a freelance artist while maintaining another part-time job educating children. Now, she's finally taken the gloves off and wants to do more; through the years she has explored many mediums of art and her ultimate goal is to become a successful owner of an art studio/company. However, she knows Rome wasn't built in a day. In the meantime, she continues to pursue art as an ultimate career. In between her work as an artist and educator, she finds time to work on personal projects such as writing and creating her own original characters and stories.
self portrait